Reno Progresses Over OSA Successes

This US Open Cup run was a tale for the OSA Football Club history books as the team progressed into the 2nd round of matches. A fight ’til the bitter end as Reno 1868 FC matched every inch OSA took throughout the game. The match went into extra time at 1-1 and finally ended in a penalty shootout where Reno managed to snatch the upper hand and walk on to the 3rd round of the tournament.

OSA FC has much to be proud of as they played beautiful soccer and showed just how much chemistry they have already despite the small amount of time they’ve had together. This NPSL season will be a good one for them as they look to be a strong, talented and cohesive group.

Watch out NPSL Northwest Conference, OSA is the team to beat this year. Get your season tickets today!