Osa soccer academy Llc announces second session of Vergine ACF Method in Tacoma

Tacoma, Washington – The Osa soccer academy Llc is pleased to announce the second session of the Vergine ACF Method for FC Tacoma on October 3rd. Its main objective will be to continue the progress of the academy’s coaches and to welcome whoever would want to get close to our culture and philosophy, essentials for a real and concrete development of our young players.

This project has already been well-established for several years in California with the NorCal Premier Soccer League, which represents one of the most relevant tournaments of the USA. Here, thanks to the successful collaboration of our president Giuseppe Pezzano, even ACF Fiorentina itself has decided to invest. Not in vain, they plan to permanently send an important member of their staff to work directly in California and follow the entire project of the USA, including FC Tacoma.

Commenting on the upcoming session, Giuseppe Pezzano, our president, said:

“You can never build a house without the right foundations. Similarly, to create a soccer player, you must first start with coaches who have been appropriately prepared by the experiences and expertise of professionals. Then, once they have successfully learned and approached the method, it will be easier for these coaches to adapt it to the physical qualities of the local players, as well as the American culture as a whole.
While nothing is easy in this life, having a non-dispersive project like this one is fundamental to succeed and achieve important results.
Moreover, having the luck to closely work with the Professor Vergine and the entire staff of ACF Fiorentina, in addition to also having numerous and important contacts in the Italian and American market, will definitely provide a relevant added value to the development system of our area, giving our kids the opportunity to reach not only college and professional levels, but also, why not, the one of the national team.”

Commenting on the upcoming session, Paolo Mottola, FC Tacoma Executive Director, said:

“In only a few months after launching this project, we have rapidly realized how important it is to have a concrete development program in direct collaboration with one of the most prestigious and recognized youth sectors of the world.
Our players and their parents are extremely happy as they have noticed the difference of our program compared to others. For this reason, it is not surprise that our name keeps expanding on a daily basis with more kids wanting to join it.
The project of FC Tacoma is destined to become one of the most important ones of the area.”