In what was a very demanding Saturday, OSA FC men’s team came back from Portland, OR, with an important victory over the Portland Spartans FC, and a 2-0 final score. Demanding, because our guys had to play in an unwelcoming environment, considering that the team had to change in a mall since no locker rooms were provided at the field. Also demanding because this was one of the two last remaining games which will decide first place for the Northwest Conference!

Regardless of the difficulties, the guys showed their strength and determination and prevailed, and this was with a team whose median age is 20 years old.

In the two years that the team has been playing in the NPSL, OSA FC haS faced the Portland Spartans FC 7 times and the record is 5 – 1 – 1.

Now, one game remains before the end of the regular season, the final game that will decide who will be Northwest Champions and advance to the Western Regional playoffs.

Looking at the standing, a tie is enough for OSA FC men’s team to win the Conference, but everyone is counting on a win giving the team a second year as Northwest Champions.