Over the weekend, the Seattle Center was home to the Festa Italiana festival. Great food, and fantastic weather made the event even more enjoyable. There were vendors, bloggers, Italian club representatives, and bocce enthusiasts.

Many people attended the OSA Soccer Group clinics on Saturday and Sunday in the Tino Cortile area. Lead by the 2016 men’s head coach, Filippo Milano, kids were introduced to the Italian style of soccer, then later played a 5v5 match. Parents took pictures and inquired about OSA FC’s new youth academy. Then on Sunday from the women’s team, the 2015 team captain, Arica Slawson, gave a training session and talked with parents.

Throughout the festival, there were visitors signing up for more information about hosting the men’s and women’s Italian players that OSA FC invites to play for the season. It was a pleasant time at the festival for OSA, and we are looking forward to attending next year.

For more information on the new youth academy or about being a host/host family for Italian players next season, please click here to contact us.

Stay tuned!
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