What a great season for OSA FC men’s team! Once again victorious over the Spartans, once again Northwest Champions and once again qualified for the West Regional playoffs!

With a very young roster, the average age in the last games was 20 years old. The team is made up of players like Italian Marco Dugo, and players from the University of Washington, Seattle University and Seattle Pacific University, like Gabe Kellum who scored in the last game.

League play happens during the summer months when college players are not playing with their college teams. This gives players the opportunity to continue their development, and being in a top level adult league allows them to play at a high level and confront their play against other strong players. For these reasons college players and their coaches have been happy to have players play with OSA FC, especially as some of these players are already looking to the MLS for future pro careers.

And now, the first round of the playoffs is here! The match will be on Saturday, July 9 at 7.00 pm in Oakland, CA against the CD Aguiluchos.

Let’s not forget that OSA FC represents WA state in the National Premier Soccer League. If the team wins the first round of the playoffs they’ll be guaranteed a spot in next year’s U.S. Open Cup.
The match is on Saturday, July 9 at 7.00 pm in Oakland, CA against the CD Aguiluchos.

Come on Washington let’s hear it for OSA FC!