OSA FC Coaches Traveling to ACF Fiorentina & Florence

Seattle OSA FC, partnered with ACF Fiorentina, will be providing it’s head coaches with a unique learning experience. Next week, head coach of the women’s team, Malia Arrant, and that of the men’s team, Paul Aur, will be provided the opportunity to travel to Florence, Italy for a first hand experience of Italian soccer and culture inside ACF Fiorentina. Malia will be spending her time with Former OSA coach, Antonio Cincotta, the 1st coach of OSA women’s team (formerly AC Seattle), who is currently leading Fiorentina Women’s FC team to an amazing run of 13 games with 13 wins.


While there, both Malia and Paul will be attending sessions at the Fiesole Caldine Soccer Facility, managed by OSA Soccer group and the training ground used by ACF Fiorentina’s Primavera team. 


Do not forget to sign up for this season’s tryouts. The women will be holding their tryouts on Feb. 28th, and will be joined by Fiorentina’s Antonio Cincotta. The men’s tryouts will be held on Feb. 26th.


Stay tuned for updates from their trip abroad!

ACF Fiorentina’s youth academy trains — OSA FC banner proudly hangs in the background!