The San Gennaro Foundation is a non-profit organization, created in 2013 to honor St Gennaro, the Patron Saint of Naples,
and his committment to help people in need.
It is the goal of the Foundation to raise money through events such as the San Gennaro Festival.

Continuing to bridge the Italian and North-American cultures through soccer, OSA FC attended the festival last weekend.
The variety of projects influenced by the Italian methodology of coaching has proved to be a success,
so the OSA Soccer Group has decided to focus on a new girls and boys Youth Academy.
The OSA Soccer Group has improved and developed players for the last 8 years. This new youth program will focus
on the development and the growth of the soccer players throughout the greater Seattle area, and will tier under
the club's adult men's and women's teams.

OSA FC Staff attended the festival with its president and technical director to meet the festival goers and
speak about the youth academy.
All information is available through the OSA Group's website or email [email protected] for any questions or for more information.

Here some picture from the festival!

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