OSA FC Announces Dr. Filippo Milano as Technical Director & Player Development Manager

OSA FC is excited to announce the promotion of Dr. Filippo Milano, MD, PhD, to Technical Director and Player Development Manager. In addition to doing amazing work for the Fred Hutch Center as both a clinician and a researcher, Filippo has long served with OSA on both the Women’s and Men’s side.


Over the last two years, he has led the OSA Men’s team in back to back Northwest Championships as head coach. In his new role, Filippo will continue pouring his knowledge and passion for soccer into the team atmosphere, but will focus on identifying and bringing in new talent and managing individual players.


Also an assistant professor at the University of Washington, Dr. Milano’s ability to provide mentorship and guidance to the younger players will be crucial in his new role. When asked about his thoughts on the new role, Filippo stated, “in my work-life, as in coaching football, I have always been focused on creating a team of people who can rely on each other. I believe, that without team-work, success is impossible.” Increasing the staff size and allowing Dr. Milano more freedom is the next step to improving the professionalism, support for players, and the performance of the OSA FC team. Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming tryouts for both Men’s and Women’s OSA FC teams on February 26th & 28th.