OSA FC & ACF Fiorentina Strengthen Collaboration in Player Development

Head coaches of Seattle OSA FC, Paul Aur and Malia Arrant, have returned from a rich education in Italian culture and most importantly Calcio in Florence. Known for being it’s deep history of art, food, and sport, the two coaches have returned stateside with a deeper understanding of more than just the game of soccer. OSA’s strong affiliation with AFC Fiorentina, allowed Paul and Malia a special opportunity to learn the club’s philosophy as well as seeing it carried out on the pitch of a city with so much to offer.


Run by Professor Vicenzo Vergine, AFC Fiorentina’s Academy and Primavera (under 20) teams use his scientific method to continuously develop players for the next level. Not only were the OSA coaches able to learn details about the developmental philosophy of the club, but also see the methods applied directly on the field. Joshua Perez, an American Primavera player who has been with the academy since 2013, just played his first minutes for the senior team against Inter Milan in the Serie A.


ACF Fiorentina is enjoying the success of both their men’s and women’s teams this season. Malia spent a majority of her time with the latter of the two, who is coached by Antonio Cincotta,  former OSA FC coach (known as AC Seattle at the time). Not only are they league leaders in the Serie A, but also undefeated after 15 games and well on their way to earning a spot in the UEFA Champions League!
When asked about their experience abroad, both Malia and Paul described it as an opportunity of a lifetime and expressed sincere gratitude to owner Giuseppe Pezzano. The strength in this partnership provide both OSA FC and ACF Fiorentina with opportunities to continue developing their teams with local talent and a philosophy of soccer that transcends international borders. Thank you Florence for being such wonderful hosts to OSA FC!


Be a part of OSA FC’s development and try out this Sunday February 26th from 6:30-8:30pm at Delridge Playfield for the Men’s team or this Tuesday February 28th from 8-10pm at Starfire Sports for the Women’s team. Register online today.