Martina Capelli was born in Parma, Italy in 1992 and started to play soccer when she was 13. When she was 22 she moved to Germany to have a foreign soccer experience, playing for Herforder SV and MSV Duisburg. In 2015 she moved to Spain where she played for RCD Espanyol, a team in the Spanish first division. Most recently she’s been playing in Italy where she’s leading FCF Como 200 to the promotion in the Serie A. Martina is also a member of the U23 Italian National team.

The following is a brief interview to get to know her better.

Why did you choose to move to Germany and then to Spain?
“I like to search out, to see and to understand. I needed to prove myself as a player and see how much I was worth on the field compared to other players. Outside of Italy, women’s soccer is bigger and I wanted to prove my abilities in a place where I would be able to dedicate myself to the sport completely. As soon as I signed the contracts I knew that I had made a choice that would change my life from every point of view.”

You have played in Italy, Germany and Spain. Can you describe the differences between these styles of soccer?
“German women’s soccer is one of the most developed and highly performed in all of Europe. You see it through the facilities, tools and economical opportunities that are available – it’s very professional. In Spain women’s soccer is also set up well, there are high level clubs that work with the respective men’s clubs creating a professional work environment.
Technically speaking, the German and Spanish styles of play are similar to the men’s style. In Germany, they prefer a physical game, while in Spain they tend to play a a more skillful game.
I feel lucky to have been able to experience and learn from these different styles.”

Do you know what to expect from women’s soccer in America, and from your experience with OSA FC?
“I know that women’s soccer in the States is at a very high level, for sure. The best in the world. When I got the offer to play with OSA FC in the states I was really enthusiastic since it will allow me to see another soccer reality, one that I’ve heard a lot about, with my own eyes. I expect the experience with OSA FC to be very positive for both soccer and as a life experience. Learning and seeing something new is always beautiful and provocative.”

How did you learn about this opportunity?
“Head Coach Antonio Cincotta told me about the opportunity. I knew he had led the team in it’s first year and that it has been very successful”.

Welcome to OSA FC, Martina!