Welcome to the OSA family!

Malia Arrant is the new Head Coach for the women’s team, and she has started preparations for the upcoming WPSL season.

Here is an interview with Malia. You can also find more information about her at

Malia, why did you decide to join our club? Is there something in particular that motivated you to accept the role?
I am very excited to join the OSA team and to work with high­level female players. I decided to take the position to be able to work with some of the top female players in Washington State and to help grow the game on the adult side.

Given that the W-­league is no longer operating, what do you think the level of the WPSL will be this year, compared to the level of the past years?
I played in the W­-League for 6+ years and was sad to hear it had folded. With the W­-League gone, I think the level of the WPSL league will be even higher than in years past as teams that were in the W-­League will likely fold into the WPSL.

What is your team’s style of play?
I like my teams to play an organized brand of soccer that has components of a fast-­paced attack, smart­calm possession, the ability to counter attack, and a group that is hard­working and smart defensively.

What do you mostly appreciate in a player?
I think the making of a good team is having different types of players. Grinders who work hard all the time and can bring the intensity to every training and game. Technically superb players who can play in 1 and 2 touch and solve high pressure. Fast players who like to run in­-behind and or get at players. Strong players who can hold the ball up and play as targets. And, smart players who read the game well and can help organize the team.
I can appreciate all types of players, but I want all my players to be students of the game who want to learn, players who put the team first, and players who are always working hard.

Tell us more about yourself.
I grew up playing youth soccer in Oregon. I went to the University of Washington and played 4 years there. I started coaching right after college at Dos FC. A few years later, I became the first female Director of Coaching for Dos FC, and I’ve been involved with coaching education for the last 10 years with Washington Youth Soccer. I have taken on some new roles in the last couple of years, including Director of Coaching for the girls at PacNW Soccer Club and, currently, the Girls ODP Director of Coaching for Washington Youth Soccer.

I am so excited for the opportunity to work with the owner and staff at OSA and to help build the strength of the women’s game in WASHINGTON. I am very excited to have Italian players join our team and to work with players that come from different cultures and backgrounds!