Kennya Cordner, who goes by the nickname Yaya, will join OSA FC for it’s 2016 WPSL season.  Kennya, who is a left midfielder and forward, was born in 1988 and has played for both the Seattle Sounders Women and the Seattle Reign. She is a very fast paced player whose best attribute is taking on players and creating opportunities for others. Plus this strong player has been part of the Trinidad & Tobago National Team for 12 years!

I choose OSA because I’ve played  with most of the players on the team, and the chemistry that we have as a team is what you need to win a league. The  environment is welcoming so any player would want to be part of that atmosphere feeling comfortable and playing.

Based on our practices and the work we’ve been doing  on our shape for the upcoming games I have to say I’m pretty confident in the team, and this coming weekend we should be awesome, not saying it’s going to be easy but I can feel that will do great because I believe in myself and my teammates. We are going to have a great season with god’s guidance through out the season.

Below is Kennya Cordner’s soccer resume.


2004-Present: Trinidad and Tobago National Women’s Team

International Tournaments:

• 2004-CONCACAF Women’s Under-19 Qualifying Tournament, (Canada)
• 2005-Women’s Under-20 Qualifying Competition, (Trinidad & Tobago)
• 2006-CONCACAF Under-20 Women’s Final Qualifying Tournament, (Mexico)
• 2008-North American Olympic Women Qualifiers, (Mexico)
• 2010- Caribbean leg of Gold Cup Qualifiers (Trinidad),
• 2010-Central America and Caribbean Games, (Venezuela)
• 2010-CONCACAF Women’s World Cup Qualifiers
• 2011-CFU Senior Women’s Qualification Tournament
• 2011- Pan Am Games (Mexico)
• 2014- CONCACAF Women’s World Cup Qualifications
           2015- Pan AM Games (Cananda)
• 2016- Olympic Qualifications

International Goals & Assist

• Goals-61    • Assist-15

Professional Career:

W League:  2013-2014- Seattle Sounders

• 9 goals  • 3 assist

National Woman’s Soccer League (NWSL): 2013 – Seattle Reign

Women Premier Soccer League (WPSL)

2012-2013- Issaquah Soccer Club
• Semi Finals In San Diego
• 12 goals • 3 assist