Meet Giulia Casula. Born in 1995, she has an athletic body, a good technique and much determination. She is a Villacidro (Italian serie B team) midfielder and will join FC Tacoma 253 to play the WPSL 2015. Giulia is very young, and has bright future prospects. It’s also thanks to the contribution of this young amazing player that FC Tacoma 253 will continue their “italian” pathway to success.

“It will be a great experience, definitely”, the star player from Sardegna tells us. “It will be interesting to see what soccer is across the world. I will meet new people. I will be able to learn a lot and I am really willing to improve”.

One of Giorgia’s most important experiences is the one with Sassari Torres Club. A women’s team that made supporters’ dream come true. A team that will be in history forever. And will be forever in the heart of this young player who won an Italian Supercoppa and a Serie A Leauge with the Club. Two striking achievements that have to be reconfirmed, achieved thanks to people like Giorgia, who have always trained as if it was their first time on the field, even if they had already won the Italian Serie A several times. And with modesty, a gift that makes the difference, in soccer.

Giorgia Casula wants to be back in the Italian serie A very soon and also dreams the Italian Women’s National Team. Anyway, now she is ready to let herself conquered by the USA. And she doesn’t want to think about anything else. Her soccer cleats are ready. And her heart too. While FC Tacoma 253 is looking forward to seeing her fighting on the field. Because “there is no defeat in the heart of those who struggle”. And Giorgia Casula doesn’t lose. She wins!