Tacoma, Washington – The first official tryout of FC Tacoma’s new team was held on September 1st, at Delridge playfield.

About 30 players of all levels came to train and play under the eyes of Paolo Mottola (FC Tacoma Executive Director), Filippo Milano (AC Seattle’s men team coach) and Riccardo di Julio.

The coaches noticed a great enthusiasm between the players for the new team that is just about to become an important soccer reality in Tacoma area and we expected more local players for the next practices.

This is what Paolo Mottola said about Monday’s session: “To be the very first interaction with the local players, FC Tacoma can be satisfied of the result. The players were even able to sense what is going to be the overall method of training of the new team, which will be very different from any team they have played so far locally. I am very convinced that, with the great input from players coming from Italy, local players here will be able to do important things for the team and learn how to breath the real soccer…”

To be continued….