Another amazing player is about to go back to the USA. As a top scorer. We are talking about Deborah Salvatori Rinaldi, whose comeback we now want to cheer. Because this young lady, born in 1991, has been player in ACF Firenze for the last 4 years, and she is a striker who can score, you bet! Dribbling, perfect shots, often aggressive. Shots that always send the ball right into the net, that’s almost inevitable. Her shots are really aimed at striking the goal post.

In the past season, this young girl from Abruzzo played 1743 minutes and scored 9 goals in the League and 4 in the Italy Cup. For a total of 13 goals.

But let’s take a look at what the “purple” striker states about her Club: “The League has just ended and left me the awareness that if ACF Firenze wants it, it can have it. Within the squad we drew each other creating expectations that were hard to honor, but we did it. For what concerns myself, I don’t feel like I am commended, tactically speaking. However, I’m satisfied. I hope, for the future, for a convocation in the Italian Women’s National Team. But what I’m thinking about right now, it is a season without injuries, many goals and the consideration of those who surrounds me”.

In Seattle, in the past WPSL season, top scorer Rinaldi scored 9 goals. And in the upcoming season, she hopes to score again. And again.
“I did my first experience in the States just out of curiosity. To dive into something new. But Seattle entered my heart. When the President Giuseppe Pezzano asked me to play again in the WPSL, I answered no because I had to graduate. After a few days I reconsidered the President’s offer.
It’s impossible to say no to the USA. That would be crazy! As a matter of fact, I immediately changed my mind.
Now I look forward to leaving and I wish to start the dance by scoring, according to tradition”.

This is Deborah Salvatori Rinaldi. A woman of heart. A player of heart. Who loves to score. Not only in Italy. But also in the USA. And scoring in the USA is even better. More challenging.10403969_533828323405885_6789070632671625486_o
Welcome back to Seattle, Deborah. Let your scoring dance begin!


Deborah Salvatori Rinaldi with AC Seattle jersey.