COURTNEYMComing from the ASA Charge FC team in Maryland, Courtney considered the Seattle area for a new experience. After reading about the OSA Group AC Seattle’s club mission and promoting its difference from other clubs by its involvement in bringing in Italian players to play, she decided this was what she was looking to find. After moving to the Seattle area and quickly attending the last tryout day, she accepted the offer to join and play for the club. Not new to the WPSL league, she knew competitive players could achieve conference titles and regional playoff games similar to her success she had on the east coast. With that in mind, the addition of an Italian National team player and other Italian Serie A players coming to the team, she knew this club was unlike all others. Through many efforts, the final game of the season against their rivals, ISC Gunners, AC Seattle lost the 2014 post-season spot for the conference title and the regional tournament. Shortly after the season’s end, wanting to accomplish more with this club, she agreed to come back for the 2015 summer season. Having new Italian teammates-turned-friends that encouraged her as much as her American teammates, she felt the club became her family. In late August 2014, she left to live and play one season for Pink Sport Bari, an Italian Serie A team. Courtney returned in June 2015 to play again for the club, only the name changed to FC Tacoma. She came with Italian players she played with and against in Italy as well as new Italians the club brought over. She believed this club provided a stage for the opportunity. Without playing for this women’s team, going to Italy would have been very challenging. Giuseppe Pezzano, the owner of the OSA Soccer Group, and Filippo Milano, the men’s head coach, helped with the preparations and her transition to Italy. Courtney is the first and only American player from the club to play in Italy.

Where is she now?

At the start of September, she accepted a position within the club as the new Press and Communications Manager. And, she’s looking forward to new things ahead.

Welcome Courtney!